From LED Bathtubs to Hammock-Inspired Soakers

 - Jun 27, 2013
There are numerous bathtub designs out in the market right now that will accommodate whatever type of lifestyle you might have.

Soaking inside a bathtub is one of the most relaxing sensations in life. The feeling of calm serenity envelops your entire body with peace, and the next thing, you know you've spent three hours in your bathtub. A little relaxation is fine, but some people want an almost orgasmic sensation when it comes to bathtub bathing. The list of composed bathtubs has various uses not just for bathing. From bullet-proof bathtubs to hammock floating body soakers, these bathtub designs will help you relax and find peace.

These bathtub designs are the type of bathtubs that you'll need, if you want to spend an entire day hanging around in your bathroom.