The Throne Outdoor Chair Doesn't Come with a Shower Head

 - Feb 21, 2013
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There is something crafty about the look of the Throne Outdoor Chair that would encourage people to look closer at the details. Nevertheless, the additional inspection may not yield any answers. That is because it involves a familiar, everyday object that has been completely taken out of context. The Throne Outdoor Chair is made out of an old bathtub.

Designed by Natalia Romanova-Ray, a London-based Junior Designer at Seymourpowell, the Throne Outdoor Chair is based on the trend of uncomsumption, a term that refers to mindful consumption and creative reuse. Checking off both of those major criteria, the garden chair is also unique and comfy. Neatly cut in half, the bathtub has been raised using a wooden base that effectively turns it into a bucket chair.