From Futuristic Waterfall Faucets to Bedazzling Sink Taps

 - Jul 10, 2013
Outfitting your home with luxurious accessories doesn't have to be limited to the main living spaces, and these lavish bathroom fixtures are some great examples of how you can decorate your hygienic areas with extravagant features.

Washrooms rarely feature any type of decorative design or high-tech features, mostly because they are often only used for specific hygienic purposes throughout the day. But since we do often spend a fair bit of time in these spaces morning and night, why not add some luxurious touches to the mix and incorporate some extravagantly designed fixtures to the space?

From bathroom sinks that are amazingly covered in gold material to bathtubs and toilet seats covered in jewels, these lavish bathroom fixtures will certainly turn an ordinary space into something straight out of a magazine.