Harold Hackett Develops His Own Social Network Using 5,000 Bottles

 - Sep 27, 2011
References: bbc & gizmodo
Unbeknownst to him, the work of Harold Hackett continues to question the intrinsic value of modern social networks and the connections they facilitate. Instead of firing away faceless messages into the Internet's abyss, the Canadian resident of Prince Edward Island threw over 4,800 messages -- all secured in eco-friendly glass bottles -- into the Atlantic Ocean. Surprisingly, this method of reaching out proved almost more effective than Facebooking!

For all his "real life" networking, Harold Hackett received more than 3,100 messages back from strangers around the world, ranging from Russia and West Africa all the way to the Bahamas and Florida. The unexpected wealth of responses, and the gifts they're attached to, may indicate a human warmth that's missing from modern online networks. Although it's taken him several years to fulfill his initiative, Hackett explains that he's happy doing things "the old way." And considering the willingness of people to reply back, you shouldn't be surprised if wayward bottles end up on your shores soon.