Oak Street Bootmakers' Navy Vibram Sole Trail Boots Will Last a Lifetime

Oak Street Bootmakers is an American company that makes beautiful handcrafted shoes. Its latest footwear includes the stylish and durable Navy Vibram Sole Trail Oxfords. Each pair makes use of replaceable outsoles that ensure a lifetime of wear. Who doesn’t like long-lasting fashion?

The company recruits shoemakers with no less than 20 years of experience, so sturdy shoes are a guarantee. Each pair is crafted with only the finest Horween Chromexcel leather, which undergoes an intense process of heat and steam pressure to produce soft, supple and durable material. The company standards of production are set high with the aim to create well-crafted, thoughtfully designed shoes.

The Navy Vibram Sole Trail boots can be bought online for $236. This really is a small price to pay for such a durable pair of stylish footwear.