Elite Home Theater Seating Creates a Pirates of the Caribbean Room

When it comes to putting a home theater in your house no one does it better than Elite Home Theater Seating. One lucky and wealthy homeowner in Florida had the opportunity to turn a part of his house into a Pirates of the Caribbean-themed home theater.

This one-of-a-kind home theater is the epitome of home entertainment. Costing him around $2.5 million dollars, the homeowner put Elite Home Theater Seating in charger of the creation. The theater features a ton of fun stuff like a box office, gas lanterns, embossed double doors, rough-hewn stone of the floor and walls and much more. There are even hand-painted ceiling canvases showing a stormy Caribbean sky. The feeling you would get in this theater is better than anything and it is perfect for a Pirates of the Caribbean fan.

Image Credit: Elite Home Theater Seating