Szymon Brodziak Merges Female Bodies With Interior Design

 - Apr 13, 2009
References: szymonbrodziak
What do an office chair, sofa or picture frame have to do with photography, or even art? A lot. Polish photographer Szymon Brodziak is known for his original ideas for photo sessions. Many companies are taking chances with this young artist's controversial approach to selling their products.

Sitag just printed six seats with Szymon’s photographs, which highlight the beauty not just of the female body, but also the smoothness and modernity of the chair.

The manufacturer believes that the best is the chair "dressed" in unpretentiousness. Just as brave are the new campaigns promoting an exclusive line of window frames, or a modern furniture.

Brodziak undertook the difficult task of photography to connect the beauty of art objects. He was able to highlight the interior style and express their individual character with an elegant mixture of nature in a body of a woman. The campaigns therefore, combined these two associations; the product and a woman’s naked body as a symbol of perfection.