Artist Sarah Ferguson Portrays Hillary Clinton in a Bizarre Manner

Sarah Ferguson, a New York-based artist, has received a lot of attention for a controversial collection of pieces featuring Hillary Clinton in a way society has never seen her before.

With striking images of the secretary of state fully naked, dressed up as Marilyn Monroe and kissing another woman, 'Hillary and I' went viral when a New York passerby spotted one of Ferguson’s paintings in an apartment window. The pieces are painted collages, using images of Clinton and other unknown women.

Ferguson, who was recently interviewed by the Huffington Post, explains that she was inspired by Hillary’s no-nonsense public persona. The starkness of the collage paintings are meant to reflect Clinton’s unapologetic nature, and, as Ferguson notes, have been interpreted in a great variety of ways.

Though she has faced strong criticism for 'Hillary and I,' the artist insists that the pieces are meant to be a caricature of femininity and has nothing but respect and admiration for Clinton. Clearly capable of generating press for herself, Sarah Ferguson is a name to look out for.