From the Funeral Selfies Tumblr to Educational Confession Sites

 - Nov 9, 2013
The recent uproarious reaction to the now-famous (and self-explanatory) Tumblr blog 'Funeral Selfies' shows the power a simple Tumblr blog can have. Though usually used for blogging and reblogging pictures of cats and chic outfits (aka the contents of the entire Internet), every once in awhile, Tumblr accounts feature some pretty controversial (and enlightening) content.

Among the most controversial Tumblr blogs are the serial dating escapade blogs belonging to a young woman from Toronto who is using dating and sex as a way to dine at every restaurant on her culinary bucket list. A more somber blog documents kids and teens' true feelings on the education system, shining light on a much-discussed topic through the most important, but seldom-heard voice on the matter.