The Latest Mitt Romney Meme Incorporates Arrested Development

The latest Mitt Romney meme to hit the Internet is a hilarious political and pop culture mash-up that combines the best of Arrested Development and some of Mitt Romney's most controversial quotes. The Tumblr 'Lucille and Mitt' combines screen captures of Lucille Bluth from the cult hit comedy television show 'Arrested Development' captioned with some of Mitt Romney's less than tactful statements, such as "I'm not concerned about the very poor," and "I should tell my story, I'm also unemployed."

This Mitt Romney meme is one of many politically charged memes to spread quickly on the Internet as the American 2012 presidential race heats up. The Arrested Development and Mitt Romney meme appears as he attempts to solidify a Republican presidential candidate nomination. The meme is an example of the criticisms against Romney for many of his comments that portray him as an out of touch millionaire, similar to that of Lucille Bluth on the hilarious show.