In Preparation for the New Season of the Cult Classic

 - May 24, 2013
The new season of one of TV's best creations is finally (almost) here and what better way to celebrate than to peruse some fantastically quirky and creative Arrested Development products?

For diehard fans who want to cuddle their favorite Bluth family member, there are sitcom character plushies which allow you to snuggle up to the one and only Tobias Funke after he just blue himself. To show your Arrested Development pride to the world, there are sitcom-inspired shirts, which feature a range of hilarious quotes from the show including "Insert me anywhere" and "Steve Holt!"

Some of these products even let fans play with the Bluths, such as the Clue board game version of Arrested Development and the GOB-shaped paper dolls.

To brush up on your Arrested Development knowledge, there is the joke popularity infographic which systematically evaluates the recurrence of jokes throughout all three seasons of Arrested Development. You can relive "No touching," "I've made a huge mistake" and "Annyeong" before the season premiere on May 26.

After browsing through these Arrested Development products, you'll never have the "blues" again.