This Arrested Development Chart Plots Jokes Based on Their Frequency

 - May 19, 2013
References: recurringdevelopments & fastcocreate
The new Arrested Development chart ‘Recurring Developments’ by digital design companies Beutler Ink and Red Edge has successfully organized every recurring joke from the classic sitcom. Everything from repeated punchlines to thematic tendencies are represented in the clever flowchart. The joke is in the left column with arrows leading from it towards the right column, which lists every episode of the show. If there are a ton of arrows leading from one joke in particular, it follows that the joke is pretty popular and probably laugh-out-loud funny.

"No touching!" and "Rita is special" are just some of the lines leading the pack. Recurring unspoken jokes, such as "Tobias is obviously gay" and "Lucille winking" are also up there in the joke stratosphere.

To the two companies behind this venture, all I can say is: "Marry me!" This Arrested Development chart is the perfect way to refresh your memory of each hilarious episode before the premiere of the new season. If you don’t check it out, you’ll have made a huge mistake.