From Ravishing Rainbow Shorts to 90s Tie-Dye Formalwear

 - Apr 30, 2014
These tie-dye looks for spring are perfect for any fashionista looking to add a burst of color to their plain and mundane wardrobe.

With the winter weather practically behind us, it's time to put those dull and overbearing clothes away and replace them with some fun and festive spring ensembles. Adding more exuberance and visual appeal, tie-dye looks combine multiple colors and patterns together to create a wonderfully flamboyant and eye-catching overall appearance. While tie-dye clothing was traditionally a technique that individuals resorted to in the comfort of their own homes, modern fashion retailers are incorporating that customized and colorful styling to add bright and energetic qualities to their clothing collection.

From raver-themed runway shows to psychedelic knitwear, these tie-dye looks for spring will surely add a splash of color to any wardrobe.