Anonymous Ism Tie-Dye Socks Aae Made in America

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: oipolloi & selectism
Anonymous Ism tie-dye socks are for those that get bored with plain white sports socks on weekends and black dress socks on weekdays. If someone has colorful socks, it says a lot about their personality. Most people don't feel comfortable having vibrant stocking on their feet, but these tie-dyed socks keep the color without including little cartoon rabbits or other childish motifs. Besides looking awesome, these socks look incredibly comfortable too. If you are too conservative to wear them out of the house, you can always keep these socks as a slipper alternative.

Americans will be happy to know that Anonymous Ism tie-dye socks are made in the USA, perhaps by young rebels at an anti-war protest in California. If you would like to pick up a pair, head over to Oi Polloi's website.