- Jul 22, 2014
These marbled fashion examples range from psychedelic swimwear sets to solid stone couture staples. After their runway debut a few seasons ago, marbled fashions are gaining popularity among today's style-setters.

Made popular by designers like Stella McCartney and streetwear label Shallowww, marble prints are quickly becoming fashion's next big thing. Standouts from this list of marbled fashion examples include artist and designer Jonathan Zawada's psychedelic scarf accessories that are created as a part of his Tru$t Fun! collection. Zawada is known for working with marble materials to create furnishings and follows up the home decor pieces with a range of wearable statement accessories.

Another fun example on the list includes Alasdair Thomson's Scarpe shoe design that recreates a worn-out sneaker look with the use of solid stone materials.

From Psychedelic Swimwear Sets to Solid Stone Couture: