The Supra Marble Collection Features Peppered Colors

The Supra Marble pack features a multi-hued rubber sole, peppered to perfection. The look is highly reminiscent of 90s rave styles, via Prince of Bel Air. The Marble look is featured in the Skytop III and the Stacks styles, signature to the Supra brand. The upper of both styles is made of genuine leather, allowing wearers to dress them up or keep it casual.

The Skytop III is part of the TUF line, incorporating new age technology for the best skateboarding shoe offered. The sidewalls are rubber, better protecting sensitive areas during skate sessions. Besides being swag-heavy, the sole features a removable EVA pod for protection against heel impact. The Stacks style is a cruiser shoe with a low top fit with classic skate design.

Overall, the Supra Marble collection is style-savvy.