This Handmade Necklaces Collection is Delicate and Dainty

If you love beautiful things, this dainty debut capsule collection of handmade necklaces will make you want to own every single piece in the collection.

The delicate handmade necklaces are designed by London-based designer Natasha Linskill. The original New Zealander designer’s capsule collection will not only have you head over heels in love over the charming pieces, you’ll be able to own them as well—Linskill decided to break away from a higher end clientele and price her pieces very reasonably.   

Using beads, natural leather and gold, the range is creative and vintage-looking. Each piece is assembled by hand and is unique—the designer says that no two pieces are exactly alike because "the beads are organic in nature -- imperfections exist as I shape and marble each bead by hand."