The 2013 LookBook for Butch Diva is Popping with Color and Patterns

This vibrantly colored spandex women’s collection is bursting with color and patterns. The company Butch Diva makes these fantastic rainbow colored clothes. These loud outfits are only well suited to confident, bold women who aren’t afraid to rock anything.

Some of these awesome dresses are covered completely in bright sequins, while others have vibrant tribal patterns covering them completely. Some of these funky fashion choices look like body con dresses but with a 90s twist. In fact, this whole collection screams 90s couture. These eye-catching outfits are undeniably a lot of fun.

The models in this lookbook are even rocking wildly colorful hair-do’s, which fits in perfectly with the pattern filled collection. These looks are perfect for summer parties where you need to stand out among the crowd.