These Barack Obama Innovations are Sharp

 - Dec 29, 2012
Not since the days of Bill Clinton has the White House been occupied by someone with as much "cool" cred as President number 44, and this collection of Barack Obama innovations is a perfect illustration of why those of us in the pop culture realm simply can't get enough of the Harvard grad.

One of the most intriguing (and inviting) things about Barack Obama is his versatility. These Barack Obama innovations range from his celebrity-ish antics like his comedic appearance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his photoshoot with Terry Richardson, to more serious activities like Presidential debates and campaign income infographics. Despite these disparate settings, Obama maintains the same affable, calm demeanor that's made him a darling of the pop culture press.

Two of my favorite clips in this collection of Barack Obama innovations are the clips don't even directly feature the President: Chris Rock's "Mitt Romney Campaign" and Lena Dunham's "Your First Time" viral videos hit the spot by making fun of how unusual it is to have a President who seems so hip.