Chris Rock Appeals To White Voters in U.S. Presidential Election

 - Nov 5, 2012
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With the U.S. Presidential Election on Tuesday, Chris Rock issued a PSA to white voters via Jimmy Kimmel Live. In this funny video, he persuades white voters to vote for the "white president you can trust," -- Barack Obama. Rock points out how white Obama really is; from his nickname (Barry) being the 3rd whitest name ever to his parents being white to his appearances on Ellen.

Chris Rock cracks jokes in front of a waving American flag as he tries to convince white voters that Barack Obama is as white as they need in a President. The piece is obviously satirical and is both reinforcing and breaking down racial stereotypes. Rock cites Obama’s love of golf and his support of gay marriage evidence of his whiteness saying, "most black men don’t even support straight marriage."

While this clip is priceless as a comedy bit and classic Chris Rock, it shouldn't have much impact on tomorrow’s U.S. Presidential Election.