Mr. Burns Picks a Side for the Presidential Election

 - Nov 5, 2012
References: youtube & youtube
Even Mr. Burns from the yellow-bodied Simpson’s sitcom seems to have an opinion about who should be deemed the winner of the 2012 presidential election.

The clip starts off with the frail Mr. Burns seated on his sofa in the Springfield Republican Party Headquarters next to a stack of binders that are filled with women no doubt. A conversation ensues, which results in the appearance of a dog who has to choose whether he would want Mitt Romney from the Republicans to run the country, who would offer him well-done steak, or Barack Obama from the Democrats, who would advocate that the dog partakes in healthy unappetizing broccoli.

Though the Mr. Burns political endorsement clip starts out like a pledge towards Mitt Romney for the presidential election. It becomes a laughable joke, poking fun at the hiccups in the Republican party. In the end, the dog doesn’t want anything to do with either Romney or Obama, and more importantly Mr. Burns.