The 'Social Media Election' Infographic Outlines Candidates' Web Usage

 - Oct 31, 2012
The 'Social Media Election' infographic outlines the key features of President Barack Obama and Governor Mitt Romney's online campaigns. Though Romney has the most new followers per day on Facebook, Obama still laps Romney in the Facebook realm by many the millions.

Furthermore, so far as Twitter stacks up for the two candidates, Romney's 1.5 million followers falls significantly short of Obama's 21 million. Comparing the two candidates' savviness, Obama and his social media team are more active on the social media sites than his challenger. The social media usage in the 2012 Presidential election has been unsurpassed thus far in any other political campaign.

By a landslide, if the election was determined solely on online presence and support, President Obama would be ensured a second term. However, how social media presence is going to affect the actual election and turnout of voters is yet to be determined.