These Inspirations Pay Tribute to the Girls Season 3 Trailer

 - Nov 25, 2013
The Girls Season 3 Trailer offers a sneak peak at whats to come for the controversial HBO program. Ever since the show's debut in 2012, creator Lena Dunham has been put on blast --- whether it's for being racially insensitive or for her frequent nude appearances.

Regardless of the controversy, the show must go on. This season picks up where we left off, chronicling the misadventures of Hannah, Jessa, Shoshanna and Marnie, in what appears to be a self-aware parodical commentary on the lives of the millennial generation (though I'm unsure of how aware Dunham is of her critics.)

I have a sneaking suspicion that this program has become the latest show people love to hate, so whether you're a fan or critic, there's something to enjoy in this series trailer. The show returns January 12th with two back-to-back episodes.