Girls Season 38 Shows the Lives of Lena Dunham and Friends in 40 Years

 - Jun 12, 2013
References: youtube
'Girls Season 38,' a clever tongue-in-cheek critique of Lena Dunham's celebrated television show, predicts where the show's quirky cast of characters will be in 40 years. The sketch video was written and directed by Gail Lerner and features a great cast, including Laraine Newman and Mindy Sterling.

Newman's portrayal of Hannah, the character played by Lena Dunham on 'Girls,' is spot on. Everything down to the minutest mannerism is covered by Newman, to great comedic effect. 'Girls Season 38' mocks Hannah's character as going through cyclical problems without ever coming to some sort of solution. The video shows Hannah having the same problems in the bedroom, with food and with friends from 40 years earlier.

This clever take on the hit show is perfect in its ability to emulate the unique writing style seen on 'Girls' and its amazing cast of actors whose impersonations are all hilariously uncanny. Gail Lerner's writing and direction is exceptionally strong in this video. Perhaps she'll offer viewers a Girls Season 39?