Slate Turns the Obama/Trump Rivalry into a Comical Video Game Battle

 - Oct 24, 2012
References: politico & slate
The Obama/Trump rivalry is no secret; Donald Trump has tried many times to unhinge president Barack Obama by asking him to present legal documentation of his birth certificate. At noon on October 24th, Donald Trump went so far as to make a video personally addressing Barack Obama and giving him an ultimatum; if he shows his personal credentials that qualify him to run America, Trump will donate $5 million to a charity of the president's choosing.

Capitalizing on this Obama/Trump rivalry is Slate, the one behind the political Mortal Kombat-esque video game fights. Within the battle video, the two rivals are pit against each other divulging battle moves that fit with their character. Trump hits Obama with a birth certificate, while Obama counters with an email chain telling Donald to donate and a photo op session with his children.

Hilarious and highly addicting, this political controversy video game battle is a must see. But the question lies, will Trump's accusations affect Obama's performance in the upcoming election?