The George Clooney Obama Fundraiser Brings in Some Serious Cash

 - May 4, 2012
References: ca.eonline & nydailynews
In the single biggest fundraising event ever in the United States, George Clooney is hosting a campaign fundraiser for current and hopeful future President Barack Obama. Held at Clooney's own mansion and charging $40,000 for an esteemed seat at the dinner, the fundraiser has been expected to hit the $12 million mark for the Obama campaign.

Celebrity fundraisers give fans a chance to mingle with the celebrity while bringing attention to the politician, business, or other individual. They provide the perfect opportunity to rake in some serious dough. In the case of the Clooney-Obama fundraiser, they took it one step further and made a grassroots effort by charging hopeful attendees only a $3 minimum to compete for a seat.