'The Value of a Football Pro' Infographic Analyses Compensation

 - Jun 28, 2012
References: directsattv
While everyone knows that entertainers and professional sports stars live a rich and famous life, 'The Value of a Football Pro' infographic details just how much more money an NFL player makes than the average citizen.

Perhaps one of the most shocking comparison made in the chart is the one between football player Payton Manning and President Barack Obama -- mainly because the president of the United States only earns $400,000 per year whereas Manning earns $23 million.

While not every NFL player earns Manning's high salary (which is equivalent to the salary of 57 presidents) the average player makes about $1.9 million per year -- a salary that trumps that of almost every other occupation.

Although the argument is made that sports stars make more because their careers are short, there's no denying that these players are swimming in the dough.