Hank for Senate is a Grassroots Movement

The Hank for Senate campaign is the most viral thing to happen to politics since George Bush had a shoe thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist. Hank is a cat who is running for a spot as a Virginia representative in the United States Government.

The campaign is complete with bumper stickers of Hank looking like a bold leader and cheesy slogans like "A Better Virginia-a brighter future." Hank the cat currently has just over 4,000 Facebook fans but that number is sure to skyrocket because people love cats and political satire. While Hank is indeed a true leader who dares to challenge Wall Street and the status quo, many followers are worried how he will fare in debates (because he can’t talk).

Hopefully Barack Obama will take notice of the Hank for Senate campaign and just make Hank the Cat his new Secretary of State.