New Morning Ad for the Republican Party is Terribly Funny

 - Sep 10, 2012
References: youtube & buzzfeed
Though it is no surprise that some political ads cross the line on the cheese factor, the hate factor or the terrible acting factor, the New Morning ad by the Republican Party has pushed the boundaries on all fronts.

Aside from unfairly attacking Barack Obama's popular stance on gay marriage, the ad almost comes off as a parody from its stiff delivery, laughable dialogue and entirely un-relatable conversation points. Put out by the Campaign for American Values, a Romney SuperPAC, the ad is undeniably bad on most fronts -- aside from making its message excruciatingly clear.

The ad follows Mitt Romney's own views on gay marriage and truly drives the point home that their candidate does not support the union. Completely taking Obama's stance out of context, this ad does all it can to manipulate Obama into an overzealous political tyrant trying to force beliefs on his citizens that they do not believe in.