Henry Hargreaves' Jell-O Presidents is a Political Dessert Archive

 - Oct 25, 2012
References: henryhargreaves & coolhunting
Henry Hargreaves is turning the heads of political leaders of America into delicious gelatin portraits in his Jell-O Presidents art collection.

The gelatin collection features 44 Head of State officials from honest George Washington to the current president currently involved in the 2012 election Barack Obama. The pictures are made of red and blue dessert, which symbolizes different things depending on how the color is smeared. If the president faces the left, that means they only served one term. If they have small white stars on them, they died in office and, if the gelatin is smeared, it was an unconventional, horrific death.

The Jell-O Presidents by Henry Hargreaves is in the form of a big poster that shows all the officials and smaller posters that revel little bits of information about them.