From Patriotic Ice Cream Desserts to Festive American Flag Cakes

 - Jun 28, 2013
If you agree that the best way to celebrate an occasion is with sweets, you will enjoy these sugary Independence Day desserts. Baking something to show your patriotic devotion is really quite rewarding. A celebration just isn't complete without some sort of aptly themed confection.

These Independence Day desserts look delicious and taste even better. Blue, red and white icing generously covers cakes, cookies and fruit. These 4th of July treats are so thematic you with want to take a pictures of them before you dig in. From star-spangled desserts to eye-popping patriotic platters, if you are celebrating this American holiday, you must try baking one of these Independence Day desserts. If you are successful, you may be overwhelmed with pride both for your country and your backing skills.