From Justin Bieber’s Payback Prank to Kanye West Memes

 - Dec 16, 2012
Celeb memes and pranks are always entertaining because instead of making fun of a regular person, they make fun of a figure we all know about. This notoriety allows the audience to share in a communal laugh and raises the level of relevance.

Would you rather see a regular, unknown person "punk’d" or a celebrity? Exactly.

This list compiles celeb memes and pranks including a set of sarcastic memes surrounding Kate Middleton. One such celeb meme reads "Oh, you married a doctor? Nice." The obvious kicker to that line is that Kate is married to the future King of England.

Rihanna is also represented here through a series of memes that play on her sassy, sexy attitude. One such meme reads "Hey girl, let’s occupy each other’s nether regions. Love Rih."