'Whatshouldwecallme' Blog Documents Funny Events with Moving Pictures

 - Apr 1, 2012
References: whatshouldwecallme.tumblr & mashable
The 'Whatshouldwecallme' blog on Tumblr uses animated GIF pictures to accompany funny, real-life occurrences and phrases.

The blog features a plethora of pop culture references that take the phrase "a picture’s worth a 1000 words" to a new level. Referencing everything from celebrities, movies and Internet memes, the GIFs cite everyday occurrences and pair them with humorous reactions and facial expressions that perfectly embody the emotional response garnered by each phrase.

GIFs are short, animated bitmap images used on the Internet to parlay jokes or funny material quickly and easily. While there are tons of GIF-based websites out there, this blog is particularly funny because every image perfectly projects the exact reaction that most people would have in a similar situation.

The Whatshouldwecallme blog is a hilarious example of why life is so much funnier when it's accompanied by moving, pop culture pictures.