High-Ranking Members of the News World Get a Hairy Makeover

 - May 19, 2012
References: msnbc.msn & buzzfeed
Chuck Todd of 'Meet The Press' fame is perhaps best recognized for his distinctive goatee. Tagging along on the raging superimposed facial hair trend, the folks at BuzzFeed have popularized meme-worthy photos of journalists wearing his beard.

Effectively demonstrating the celebrity of newscasters, the photo set is definitely hilarious. Naturally, the funniest and most striking photos are those of women, but only a few people would turn down a good Anderson Cooper photo. Other victims include esteemed journalists including, Rachel Maddow, Brian Williams and Ed Shultz.

It's often the simplest memes that go viral, and this hairy creation is sure to be a shining testament to that rule. If Chuck Todd wasn't popular already, this set of viral-ready photos are sure to solidify his status.