The Rihanna Memes Tumblr is Hysterical and True

Whether or not you're a fan or pop singer Rihanna, or pop music in general, you're sure to get a good laugh out of the Rihanna memes Tumblr.

With truly hysterical captions like "Not a ho. Just ho-ish," "See people make Ronald McDonald jokes. See same people working McDonald Drive Thru," "Have relationship with Drake. Poorly lie about it," and my personal favorite, "Second most popular woman on Facebook. LOL JK I'm the first," this is one celebrity meme that will have you laughing out loud.

Who knew that Esquire Magazine's choice for 'Sexiest Woman Alive' could induce so many laughs? Check out the Rihanna memes Tumblr for a guaranteed chuckle. It may even turn you into a fan of the popstar.