The Celeb Rocks Looks from Softly Sensual to Smoking and Edgy

 - Oct 25, 2013
Rihanna photoshoots are always a treat. Whether you love her or hate her, the self-professed anti-role model is difficult not to show interest in, simply because she is so multifaceted. This is best exemplified when reviewing photoshoots she's done in the past; from posing playfully for Elle, to smoking weed and chilling out for Terry Richardson, no shoot shows the same side of Rih twice.

Rihanna, better known as 'BadGalRiri' by her online fan base -- dubbed the 'Rihanna Navy' -- showed an unstoppable magnetism since the second she hit the scene with her reggae-infused hit 'Pon de Replay' in 2005. Though her music was always catchy, what has truly propelled Riri to superstar status is her incredibly interesting, scandal-filled life. What made her truly irresistible to fans, however, was her unapologetic nature in reference to her scandals. Ultimately, Rihanna is the poster child for anyone who refuses to apologize for being genuine.