Drake Innovations from Ridiculous Outfits to Cartoons

 - May 23, 2013
Everybody remembers when Aubrey Graham introduced the phrase ‘YOLO’ earlier this year, shaving years off lives in the name of carpe diem -- these are a few of Drake's less pervasive contributions to the pop culture landscape.

Looking at this collection of Drake innovations, it’s easy to see why he has become of one rap’s most compelling figures. He’s quick to participate in self-deprecating humor, as displayed by the two clips (Hysterical Halloween Rap Songs and Hilarious Rapper Spoof Skits) from his stint as the musical guest on SNL, and just as quick to exude the typical tough-guy bravado rappers are known for in pieces like Outrageous Rapper Outfits.

My favorite of these Drake innovations is the Young Money-Made Outerwear. The biggest Drake innovations in rap and pop culture have come from unexpected collaborations and moves. Teaming up with dyed-in-the-wool Canadian company Canada Goose, is one of the savviest moves the 26-year-old star has made, further solidifying his loyalty to the Great White North.