The Field Guide to Facial Topiary Defines Tech Employees by Scruff

 - Nov 26, 2012
References: kelseydake & likecool
To give us a better understanding of who we may be dealing with in the tech workplace, illustrator Kelsey Drake has created the Field Guide to Facial Topiary.

By analyzing a person's beard, mustache or lack thereof, this guide makes it easy to identify someone's position in the workplace so that we can't be fooled by any complicated tech talk. For example, a giant bushy beard that is completely unruly generally belongs to the 'Cofounder who left pre-IPO,' not to be confused with a bushy beard that's been braided which belongs to the 'Community manager.'

The Field Guide to Facial Topiary in the Tech Workplace is full of hilarious illustrations, my favorite being the 'Interdepartmental coordinator' who only has half a beard.