Vigilante Advertising

 - Jan 23, 2006
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Vigilante Advertising - sounds like fun. The premise is that you just have to advertise your thoughts, and not wait for a company or politician to advertise to you. I like it.

In this example, a Canadian election poster was created to make fun of the Liberal candidate Sam Bulte.
"An anonymous person whipped up this poster that makes fun of Sam Bulte, the Canadian Member of Parliament who sells out the public interest by taking big campaign checks from the copyright industries and then delivering extreme copyright laws that parallel the failed US initiatives that have resulted in a war on music fans. " - BoingBoing

What happened in this case?
"The controversy started when Sarmite Bulte, the Liberal incumbent for the Toronto riding of Parkdale-High Park, announced a $250/plate fundraiser at the Drake Hotel for January 19, just four days before the election. Ms. Bulte is well-known as the force behind the "Bulte Report" of May, 2004, which advocated a decidedly imbalanced, pro-rightsholder revision of Canada's Copyright Act. Her report was too radical for the government, which left many of her handouts to the content industry on the cutting room floor when it created Bill C-60. Perhaps that explains why her fundraiser is sponsored by a who's who of Canada's big-copyright business lobbyists." - Online Rights Canada