From Watch the Throne to Numerous Kanye West Rants

 - Nov 22, 2013
Kanye West, the rapper with the wired-shut jaw, has become pretty well-known for not just his great music, but for the infamous Kanye West rants. Hopefully, some of us still remember the up-and-coming rapper with the Chaka Khan-sampled hit 'The Wire,' or the hip hop hero who gave us '808s & Heartbreak.'

Kanye West recently went on a classic Kanye West rant during his performance to a packed crowd at Brooklyn's Barclay's Center. Surprise, surprise. The holy Godfather of hip hop went in on everyone from beloved Bruno Mars to outgoing Oprah Winfrey. Addressing his detest towards the MTV Video Music Awards this past August and how dear Bruno "won all the awards."

This new Ye stunt is definitely up there with the rest of his scandalous stories that have occurred within the year and I'm sure as long as the world turns, this will not be the last of his memorable moments, scandalous stories and standard Kanye West rants.