These Celebrity Name Puns are a Great Play on Words

 - Sep 30, 2012
References: boredpanda & knowyourmeme
A funny collection of celebrity name puns has been spreading over the Internet. Ever since someone posted a photo of Reese Witherspoon holding a spoon in her hand, images have continued to proliferate.

Since then a myriad of celebrities have been popping up in memes that poke fun at their names. The website Know Your Meme has broken name puns down to a science and explains the origins of name puns, the precursors, how these celebrity name puns get spread and some notable examples.

Some of my favorites would have to be the Kanye West/Kanye East meme, the Gillian Anderson/Gillian Withouterson and the Blake Lively/Blake Dreary meme. There are plenty more to laugh out loud over!