- Jul 31, 2014
There are a million and one exquisite pieces of opulent accoutrements on the market for the luxury lovers, but this collection of silly jewelry designs is anything but (for the most part). There's more than one way to put your disdain for elegance on display and these silly jewelry pieces could be the first step. Perchance a fast food-inspired pair of earrings or a bosom brooch is just what you're looking for to enhance your appeal to the other geek-chic individuals out there.

Now, one design aesthetic that you'll find the most prevalent is food-inspired varieties that range from being good enough to eat or hideous enough for the garbage. With that said, they pay homage to eating in a hilarious way and speaks to a consumer preference for fandom in all its forms.

From Naughty Dinosaur Jewelry to Smiley Skull Rings: