These Arrested Development Rings are a Mark of True Friendship

 - May 28, 2013
References: etsy
With these Arrested Development friendship rings, best buddies can show off their Lucille/Buster-esque relationship to the world. Lucille and Buster are known for having one of the most hilariously dependent relationships in television history. Buster dresses Lucille, fixes her a morning martini and even inhales her cigarette smoke and breathes it out of the window so that his mother can smoke indoors.

Their relationship is a source of hilarity for even the most sobering people. These friendship rings are a perfect combination of comedic pop culture references and sentimentality. While wearing them, you'll feel like you've claimed your Lucille or Buster counterpart for your own; someone to fix you drinks or pay for your scholarly pursuits.

Who knows? They could even get you into a Motherboy pageant or two.