Funny or Die Reworks Classic Comedies into Serious Dramas

 - Apr 6, 2012
References: funnyordie
When Funny or Die dug to the heart of side-splitting funny flicks such as Dumb and Dumber and Ferris Bueller's Day Off. they found that there was a lingering dramatic story line present beneath the jokes.

The website featured 12 reworkings of classic comedy movies turned dramatic thrillers, digging up the deep (and sometimes twisted) plot lines that lie beneath the basic comedic elements of the film.

Back to the Future, for example, can be read as either a humorous take on what it would be like to time travel in a DeLorean or as the tale of a young boy who forges a deep bond with an elderly man which inadvertently causes him to have an unsavory relationship with his mother. Office Space may seem like a story about a bunch of unhappy office workers trying to make the most of life, but really, it documents a conspiracy to burn down the office and rob their employer blind.

This Funny or Die feature seriously changes perceptions on what comedic writers are really thinking when they pen a funny film.