From Geeky Beer Coolers to Periodic Pillows

 - Feb 25, 2013
You may feel slightly smarter after you've seen all of these ingenious periodic table redesigns. The periodic table of elements is a staple in any science class, but it's also fast becoming a staple in the wardrobe, bar and many other places. Recently, people have been putting the periodic table onto just about everything. Elements have made an appearance on underwear, bottles of liquor and even cupcakes.

These ingenious periodic table redesigns prove that while America as a whole may not be getting smarter, the country is becoming more and more accepting of its brainiacs. Even those who aren't studs in science can find a unique periodic table to love. The elemental-themed clothing is especially awesome and surprisingly varied. Who would've thought that there would be so many different types of periodic table cufflinks?