One Big Element Cufflinks are for the Scientific and Sarcastic Types

 - Oct 14, 2011
References: firebox & 7gadgets
The irony of these One Big Element Cufflinks is that any job which requires formal dress would probably not approve of the playful accessories. It is therefore left up to those with casual dress codes to spruce up their work shirts with these tongue-in-cheek outfit add-ons.

While each individual cuff link has been branded with a chemical abbreviation from the periodic table, they are sold in pairs that spell silly words. Beryllium and erbium produce BeEr, oxygen and magnesium make OMg, lutetium and vanadium spell LuV and gallium and yttrium form GaY. The geek would probably be quite happy with the way that each of these One Big Element Cufflinks are considered separately, compared to the jokester who would be constantly clasping his wrists together.