The Periodic Table of Cupcakes is Educational & Delicious

 - Feb 20, 2012
References: imgur & foodbeast
The Periodic Table of Cupcakes was made for a chemical engineering reception and I can only imagine that it was devoured faster than the speed of light. One usually doesn't imagine the words adorable and science going together, but these cute cupcakes managed to pull off both.

All of the elements are included and even have color-coded frosting. One can probably guess that these cupcakes taste better than their elemental counterparts (don't eat Gallium; it's terrible).

If Dmitri Mendeleev were alive today, he would be proud that his creation was being used for sugar snacks instead of education (not). The Periodic Table of Cupcakes could stand to teach you a thing or two if you can hold off from stuffing your face.