Kaycie D Transforms the Periodic Table of Elements into Heroes

 - Feb 14, 2013
References: kcd-elements.tumblr & neatorama
Kaycie D. takes the periodic table of elements and transforms each one into a superhero character. Come to think of it, the elements have always possessed heroic-sounding names.

She imagines what traits and powers each character would possess if it represented that element. Helium is exemplified by a floating character as it is the lightest gas element.

With each character she has created, she also provides a summary of the element and sometimes reveals why it was named as such. Some of the characters include Hydrogen, Carbon and Lithium.

The periodic table of elements was created and was part of Kaycie's thesis project at school. It is a playful spin on a knowledge based chart that can be fairly dry for students, so it will hopefully inspire learning.