Rezept-Destillate Packaging Promotes the Purity of its Contents

 - May 4, 2011
References: thomaslehner & thedieline
The purity of a substance is quite important when it's been concocted for consumption, and Rezept-Destillate packaging has taken this concept to the next level by incorporating a chemist's notations.

The Swiss spirits are made from the essences of various succulent fruits, which give a clear taste of tropical sweetness. The brand identity has come to be reimagined with a pharmaceutical feel mixed up by Thomas Lehner.

Each bottle is flawlessly transparent like a vile of undiluted extract. The labels have been simply designed with a flush of color and a chemical abbreviation that refers to the flavor of each beverage as if it was derived from filtered substances of the periodic table. Despite the sterility of the flasks and their black boxes, they have a bold tinge of visual tang that gives Rezept-Destillate packaging a delectable appeal.