(ri)1 Whiskey has Rad Packaging and a Smooth Taste

 - Dec 1, 2009   Updated: Jun 1 2011
References: press.ri1whiskey & uncrate
I am pleased to announce (ri)1 Whiskey has just been launched.

This bad boy is a sipping whiskey, and at 92% alcohol you certainly do not want to want to be pounding this spirit back. It has a modern utilitarian bottle and a flavor volcano of taste that just explodes in your mouth. (ri)1 Whiskey is the gift that keeps on giving.

Implications - Products need proper packaging if companies are looking to attract potential consumers; after all, the decision to buy often lies on appeal first. Ad campaigns, commercials and viral marketing can only go so far in accentuating appeal. Brands need to make their goods look just as attractive in reality as they do with the theatrics of the media, putting emphasis on packaging and aesthetics.